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A Supernatural Theology

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Since childhood, I have experienced several very unusual, unnatural events, a couple bordering on the supernatural. “Supernatural” being the natural as yet discovered and explained by modern science. This book will also summarize some very funny events during our days with the circus and while growing up in “Sin City,” Indiana.

Everything in this book is true with multiple witnesses experiencing the same abnormal or paranormal events. This manuscript will use modern scientific discoveries, logic, postulates, axioms, famous quotes, reports of miracles, military documented UFO reports, and some very strange life experiences to stir thought about the known and unknown, the seen and the unseen, the earthly and the heavenly.

My long, eventful life has taught me that there are definitely higher life forms than humans. This agrees with what has been written and documented by all people of knowledge throughout recorded history, no matter what religious denomination or nation of origin. From the earliest Sumerian writings to the American Indians - all believed in spiritual, higher life forms, usually Angels (beings of light) and demons (beings of darkness) and in an Almighty God or Supreme Being.

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