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From I Do to We Do: The First Five Years

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It started with "Hello." A chance encounter that led to dating, that led to the words, "Will you marry me?" and "I do!" But what do you say after you say "I do?" How do you go from "I do," to "We do?"

This book is a guide for the first five years of marriage. It is designed to help navigate those crucial early years of married life that can set the stage for your life together.

For all married couples. It includes information on adjustment, communication, time management, finances, parenting and other issues related to those early years as well as a chapter on second marriages. Each chapter ends with reflection questions that couples may do individually or together. Written from a Catholic/Christian perspective, it includes information that will help all couples regardless of their faith background.

Patricia Robertson is an author, speaker and spiritual director who is committed to helping individuals find God in their everyday experience. Married, mother and minister, she writes for and about ordinary people living extraordinary lives just be being the person they are meant to be with all their human failings and foibles.

She has a Doctor of Ministry and over thirty-five years of ministry experience. During those years she has walked with families through all aspects of life, including preparing couples for marriage and helping them through their life together. This book is the fruit of those years of experience.

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