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The Association: Words Colliding

Length: 149 pages1 hour


THE ASSOCIATION: A Covent-like society of highly intelligent and like-minded women in ruling positions all over the world. They share their secret knowledge of ancient witchcraft to help each other achieve their goals for the betterment of the whole human society.
Leslie, a young, talented and aspiring member of the NY Covent, feels unappreciated by Victoria, her Covent-Head. Her attempts to gain a leading position herself are not looked upon favorably. In frustration she decides to turn her attention to the infamous Prof. Sawyer who is offering new behavioral-science classes at her College. What she doesn’t know is the Professor is trying to penetrate The Association with the aim of taking over the whole organization, their assets and their people.
Drawn into her circles by forces yet unknown to her she soon belongs to her followers because among other benefits Prof. Sawyer offers plenty of dirty and unabashed sex.
To pursue members to change their colors and pledge their devotion to Prof. Sawyer she uses mind-control technology and breathtaking sex-sessions. Soon quite a few former members fall for her and the Covent-Heads decide to take action and countermeasures to stop the infiltration and to win their girls back.
Bridget, the designated new Leader of her Covent faces the heavy task of leading the counter-attack. She sides up with Maura, a stunning FBI Agent and also a member of The Association, and a handful of other women with rare and secret talents. But Bidget alone is the one who will have to enter the lion’s den all by herself and expose herself to the mind-control device and the sexual temptations and seduction tricks of her adversary.
How many more women will fall for the devious Professor before The Association will regain control of her flock? Will Bridget succeed without permanent damage to her body and soul?
Mind-blowing sex scenes, one on one and groups of beautiful girls and women alike make this work of fiction a nice read for the lover of supernatural suspense and erotic short-stories.

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