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The Glass Sea “Three Days ~ Two Kings ~One Crown ~ One Woman ~ One Choice”

Length: 420 pages6 hours


Fin, the crown prince of Caledonia, is fatally burned in the assassination attempt that claimed the life of his father. Slowly dying from his injuries, Fin seeks revenge upon the man who killed his father. Seeing his bravery, the demi-god Llyr, offers him life for 100 years if Fin willingly enslaves himself to him. Fin, in order to regain his crown and continue his forbidden love affair with the woman he cannot forget, no matter how hard he tries— accepts.

After serving Llyr for fifty years, Fin returns to his kingdom to find that his cold-hearted nephew has claimed the throne. He must free himself from bondage to Llyr, reclaim his kingdom, and reconcile with the love of his life. To achieve this he must find an enchanted sword, journey deep into the mountains to recover the Holy Grail, and he will need the help of fifteen year old Tara, the most powerful wizard in the kingdom. Hunted and feared for her ability to read minds, Tara is attempting to use her powers to break her mother out of prison while still hiding them from the world. Tara’s future and Fin’s past intertwine seamlessly as they discover the way to their future and to reconcile the past.

The Glass Sea will sweep you away on a journey you will never forget. Deeply passionate, with rich descriptions and layered narratives, connecting past, present, and future through memories, tales, and visions, The Glass Sea weaves a complicated web of true love and loyalty. From a long lost prince to an outcast sorceress, the multifaceted cast is made up of a rich array of characters all searching for the happily ever after. The Glass Sea combines over one hundred years of romance and adventure, set in the magical land of Caledonia, all narrated over the course of the three days leading up to Christmas Day.

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