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The Story of Hawk and Boy

Length: 69 pages56 minutes


Hawk and boy are compatible in every way. The way Hawk wants to control, boy wants to be controlled. The punishments, the rewards... all of it perfect. Except for one major thing. And not being able to do that one thing is such a disappointment to them both that they've considered throwing away their relationship and seeking new partners. Asking pervy Dr. Mitch Minotti for help is beyond embarrassing, but if Mitch can fix the problem, they'll be in BDSM bliss forever.

The problem is the fix isn't exactly easy, and boy isn't sure he's strong enough to get through it without using his safeword. He doesn't really think Hawk will dump him, but it's hard to always be on the wrong side of perfect.

In the book Three in the Dungeon, Jeff and Vanessa were eavesdropping when Hawk and boy approached Dr. Mitch to ask for help with a physical problem that was interfering with their BDSM fantasies. The Story of Hawk and boy is about that problem, and how boy suffers through Dr. Mitch's solution.

15,000 words (approx 25 pages). Gay fiction, M/M, M/M/M, Medical Kink

This is a short story, almost a vignette, really. Please enjoy, but don't expect the same level of character development as you'd find in one of my novels.

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