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Way Back in Texas

Length: 251 pages2 hours


: There are three women and three destinies: Fossie, 68, is deeply shocked and grieved to hear that her only daughter has left her newborn girl with her the middle of the night and disappears without knowing what really has happened to her. Charlotte, 23, learned only yesterday of her mother’s disappearance and her action several years later, grew of being an astonished young woman spending so much time at this world fantasying as a different girl and demanding for herself the perfect love for her young heart while she is nursing her grandmother. Bärbel, 35, after a distressing shock to learn of her lover’s death and blamed her father for it, while she is taking care of her sick mother who is mean to her, resigns her position as a woman in love by burying notes into the ground. All of these play a major role in front of the Independence of Texas in which the story grows in dimension with just fascination reaching a happy ending.

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