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Length: 554 pages7 hours


“The world was never innocent. But I was.” –Benjamin Camden

Benny Camden is the mind behind the most innovative show on television. When his brother dies in an attack at the onset of the Vietnam War, he uses his power and position in an act of protest without considering the consequences. As he wrestles with his grief, his future and his place in his family grow more uncertain until he decides to free himself from them both.

Benny’s quest leads to some of the most legendary moments in film history. Behind his larger-than-life persona hides a broken man searching for a muse. With every step, he strays further from the only thing that can save him.

His true legacy to the world will not be his movies or his talent as an entertainer. It will be his daughter.

If you like gripping drama with strong, complex characters set against the dazzling lights of Hollywood, you’ll love Weston. It’s the first chapter of an epic saga spanning three generations – the first chapter of Gregory Attaway’s The Great Ones. It’s the story of a man’s quest for identity and purpose. For love and family. For his soul.

See the world through the eyes of the greatest Hollywood legend that never was.

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