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Finance Adages

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A preface states the purpose of the essay. The essay is general and not a specific how to make money treatise, rather how to get around money problems. Chapter 1 consists of 18 adages: Proximity to wealth is proximity to paradise. Conversely, we suppose proximity to poverty is proximity to hell. Proximity to money is proximity to hell. Conversely, separation from money is separation from hell, and the path to paradise. The law never procures wealth, or protects wealth in the end. Wisdom procures wealth, protects wealth in the end. Progress is bitter that bankrupts the man who worked to make an honest business. Prosperity from the ruin of others is poison in society ready to sink its poison fangs. A loyal spouse is the best investment in life and business. Paradise, not the rod is the best incentive for children to behave. Corrupt employers in place of corrupt bureaucrats changes nothing, and vice versa. Affordable housing that does not exist, available housing that you cannot afford or is hardly worth having, quality medical care that you cannot afford, free medical care not worth having, quack doctors in either case, a dentist or surgeon that rips your teeth and guts out for money, an underpaid dentist or doctor attracted to the squalor of his profession by sadism who rips your teeth and guts out: what is the difference? Socialism/Capitalism? What a joke! Please, let us have honesty and integrity you scoundrels. Usury corrupts; investment advances virtue. Do not regulate; do not deregulate; prosecute corruption. No rewards for failure; do reward success. The fox does not make a good guard for the chicken coop. Hire friends and friends of friends who meet the minimum qualifications for the job before unknown applicants of dubious background. The more who work, the more you make. The good you do for society increases proportionately. Production is only as good as its weakest link, but numbers make up for slowness of production through division of labor and multiple production lines. You do not leave people unemployed just because they are not the best, and loyalty and gratitude trump so called merit and self-conceit every time. Hire the first applicant through the door who meets the minimum qualifications for the job. He may stay or leave, do his job or not. Over qualification, under qualification is crap. Fill the position and keep production rolling. How often has a long search been made, only to hire a man that walks off the job the next week, or turns out to be a knave! Meanwhile, loyal employees are forced to do another man's job to detriment of themselves and company. It is not a work ethic that makes a man productive, but avoidance of every vice: drugs, drunkenness, pornography, boob tube addiction, whoring, gluttony, movie addiction, and the like. Such a man crawls out of his skin without activity. How true it is that the hardest work is doing nothing in a do nothing job. It is true, that is, if you do not drown your inactivity in booze and the like. Vice is the mother of sloth. If hired for no particular reason by strangers other than that you are qualified for the job, the first thing you should ask yourself is: What's wrong with this job? It is quite likely there is something amiss. Chapter 2 ends with a few comments on being king and Superman. Superman is better, if you are wise in the ways of the world.

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