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Even great ones have humble beginnings.

There are moments Sarah Swingle will never forget. Landing the lead in the fifth-grade play. Her first kiss. The day her daddy left and never came back.

If there’s one thing Adam Archer doesn’t want anyone to know, it’s how hard school is for him and how little he understands. He spends half his time hiding behind the stories he writes and the other half hiding from the bullies.

When they’re both drawn to a horrible tragedy that stirs the sadness of the nation, Sarah and Adam find each other. Their friendship defines them both. As they grow up, they dream of leaving one day and running away together to live in their own private world of dreams.

Neither has any idea what it will cost them.

Joe continues the saga begun in Weston – the second chapter of Gregory Attaway’s The Great Ones. It’s a story about the loss of innocence. A story of true friendship. Of dreams.

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