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What Happened in Between the Nights “A story of Love and Betrayal”

Length: 165 pages2 hours


J.C. Griffith and her husband are founders and pastors of a congregation of believers when she discovers that her husband is having an affair—with a man. In this heartfelt memoir, Pastor Griffith discloses the profound shock of anger, confusion, and bewilderment as she seeks to rescue an almost twenty-year relationship with a man who is now a stranger. Where did their marriage go wrong, and will he ever forsake the elicit relationship and return to her? Can she trust him if he does? Or are they headed for divorce, a future she never foresaw for herself?

Be inspired by her emotional journey through betrayal, separation, and discovery of her innermost self again. In the midst of her struggle through her trials and new experiences, she learns things about herself that she never knew existed. “For one, my independence had emerged like never before. My self-esteem came up one thousand notches. For sure, she was now a different woman.”

One night I went to bed a happily married Christian wife of a pastor, with no idea that by the next night I would be living on another planet eons away from the person I was before.

This is not the cute story where everything comes out all right and they live happily ever after. I would like to tell you that particular storybook version: “Once upon a time, I walked through life pleading the blood of Jesus and rebuking everything evil, and everything turned out the way I wanted it to—NOT!”

This happens to be the real version where everything wasn’t all right, and I met the big bad wolf face to face.

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