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One Weekend With My Best Friend's Father

Length: 78 pages1 hour


It's a hot summer in Northern California and Lindsey is stuck at home feeling frustrated and alone. When her best friend Becky invites her on a camping trip to Yosemite, it seems like the perfect distraction. But before they go, one incident after another forces nearly everyone to cancel. Everyone, that is, except Becky's father, Richard. Recently widowed and still adjusting to his wife's absence, Richard was looking forward to the distraction as much as Lindsey. So, despite the awkwardness, the two decide to make the trip together. Now Lindsey is going to be alone with her best friend's father for a full weekend, and there's something she's never confessed to anyone, not even Becky...she's always had a crush on the sweet and sensitive older man. When an accident on the trail forces the two to share a sleeping bag, she soon learns that the feeling is mutual!

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