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The Teflon Rhino: Navigating the Jungle of Real Life (Without Getting Stomped to Death)

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The first rule of living in the jungle of real life is you have to survive, which means staying off the lunch menu. The rhinoceros (rhino) is a great example. It lives in contented solitude that does no completely exclude, but selects its fastest, strongest, tallest or smartest animal in the wild. It stays off the lunch menu due to its protective skin that is over one-half inch thick. It is extremely difficult to penetrate.

Teflon is a slick coating that has transformed the world due to its nonstick properties, thus The Teflon Rhino. The rhino's skin is slick and thick. It is not swayed by the crowd, coerced by opinion, or motivated by popularity. It does no flinch in the face of adversity or succumb to the fear of the unknown.

I am a survivor, and I have written this book as a survival manual for you.

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