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Unexpectedly a Dad

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Tyler had no way of knowing if his ex-girlfriend was telling the truth If she was, he had become a dad. The only way to find out was to track her down. There was another issue to settle. Did he want to take over managing the undergarment business his father had bequeathed to him? Both prospects were in somewhat distant sunny California. Tyler's entire way of life was subject to change.

Tyler's discoveries opened unexpected doors, and enlightenment was not always easy to accept. The baby in question had serious health issues, the woman caring for the infant was playing havoc with his heartstrings and he did not know squat about making underwear. By far the worse dilemma, was Marlene's vindictive streak.

There were times when Tyler did not know who was the biggest pest...Marlene, his aunt, or the ghost of his departed father.

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