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Chosen: Ghost Academy, Book 1: Ghost Academy (YA paranormal adventure series), #1

Length: 220 pages3 hours


Enrolment at Ghost Academy is now open; where death is just the beginning of life. 

Behind the doors of Ghost Academy, four recently deceased teenagers discover there's more learning to do, lives to save and life (or death) decisions to be made. 

Lauren has a murder to solve; her own. 

Alex and Esmee struggle to overcome the standards set for them whilst alive as they discover love is no easy ride when you're a ghost. 

Charlie must face up to an all consuming addiction, or lose everything he has just been given. 

Offered a second chance at the Ghost Academy, Lauren, Alex, Esmee and Charlie battle against Deviant ghosts, hunters intent on catching a ghost of their own, and their own internal struggles. 

Will this new life finally be the death of them? 

Chosen, Book 1 in the Ghost Academy series features ghosts, action, mystery and just a hint of romance. 

Ghost Academy series categories: 

- Teen and YA Fantasy Series 
- Paranormal Books for Teens and Young Adults 
- Teen and YA paranormal and Fantasy Book 
- Coming of Age Series 
- Magic School Series 
- Young Adult paranormal and Fantasy Book 
- Teen and YA Romance Ghosts

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