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How to Interpret Your Dreams

96 pages54 minutes


This ebook Provides A Wealth Of Information About Your Dreams In One Neat Little Package!

What can you learn in this ebook? More than you can imagine!

- Expert theories on dreams and dreaming
- How to remember your dreams
- The truth behind common dream themes
- What it means when you dream about certain images
- How to combat nightmares

Have you ever awakened in the morning with the thought of a dream you had just had? Was it something confusing? Perhaps it was something weird. If you want to know what that dream meant, just open up this book and find out!

If you think that dreams are trivial and unimportant then think again. Your dreams are the key to understanding why you feel and act as you do in certain situations.

What’s even better is that they can help guide us in the right direction when we have questions or need to make changes in our life but are unsure of what to do! It’s like having your own personal spiritual adviser right on your computer!

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