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Paradise Orchard

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Some young men have dreams of exotic lives lived in cities and foreign lands, others to create art and lasting literature. Others still want to build up businesses and organizations. Some dream of lovely wives, happy children, good friends, and abundant farms. Our protagonist is of this latter group, and with the help of trust fund money, he is well on his way and is prospering as he works long days tending the orchard he has established in rural Georgia. Life is smooth, but life has its tricks, and when his wife falls ill and they need help on the farm and with the children, they call for his wife's sister to join them. The surprise to him is that she has become in his eyes so desirable that obsession begins as she works alongside him in the hot, Georgia summer.
He is a handsome young man who has known many women since becoming an adult, and still has as an occasional lover a young farm wife up North he has known since childhood. And he's not the only young married in the county who is involved with others outside his marriage.

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