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The Stupidly Simple Happiness Formula: 7 Minute Change Series, #7

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Most Self-Help Authors Are Idiots

Too many self-help books today contain extraordinarily complex and in-depth techniques and programs that are "guaranteed" to transform your life overnight. 

And that's great and all but... 

The intricate systems and techniques almost never work. 

And when they do, it's because you've invested countless hours of work and sweat and oftentimes blood in the process. 

Self-Mastery should be different! 

It shouldn't take months or even years to get results. 

You should be able to implement a dead-simple technique, and get results...TOMORROW! 

After all, big doors swing on little hinges. 

You don't need some huge advanced self-mastery technique to change your life. 

You just need to make several small, simple changes in your daily life. 

Life-Improvement Should Be Stupidly Simple

And that's why I wrote this book. 

To show you the stupidly simple techniques that everybody knows about...BUT NOBODY ACTUALLY USES! 

While these techniques are, in-fact, incredibly simple and seemingly childish, they bring ENORMOUS results! 

In The Stupidly Simple Happiness Formula you'll get a ridiculously simple and straightforward approach to self-improvement. 

You can say good-bye (for now) to goal setting and schedules and freakin' voodoo meditation and all of that other crap that requires you to sacrifice your soul. (Or something.) 

You shouldn't have to work your butt off to improve your life. 

It should be stupidly simple. 

If You're Ready To FINALLY Be Happy And Improve Your Life... 

You're In The Right Place 

Scroll Up And Download Your Copy Today! 

You Won't Regret It 



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