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Deranged: The Fleischer Series, #2

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I’m Caroline Anne Fleischer and this book written by me is not the only one of its kind. I know this because I found and read the book that my sister Emily wrote. I’m not really much of a reader or writer, but I will do the best that I can because I want my part of the story to be heard too, before these ideas that I fight with in my head win and there is no more story to be told. I’ll try to pick up where my sister left off, after the terrible things that she did. Now I know the truth about all of it and I’ll fill you in on the horrible stuff that has happened even since then. 

And I’m Julie, just Julie. Emily needed me to help her do what needed to be done and she needs me even more now because she can’t deal with the memories of what we did. Now I’m simply doing the things that need to be done to continue to survive and make some sort of a life for Emily- or myself. Survival of the fittest, as they say.

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