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Call to Duty: Cloned for Reward, #1

Length: 304 pages4 hours


Heartbroken after a bitter divorce and the loss of his children, Steve’s life wasn’t what he’d expected it to be. Defeated by circumstance, he found solace in the bottle. Drinking became the one thing that made him forget the world around him. He lived day by day, unaware that his past was about to collide with his future. 

One chance meeting with old friends changes his life forever. They remember the military man he used to be, strong, determined and a brother you could count on. Presenting him with an opportunity, he can’t refuse, Steve gets his Call to Duty. 

This is his story.

His ultimate mission will unfold before your eyes with unbelievable events that will have you asking if any of it could possibly be true. The ‘Lambs of God’s’ cult will leave you haunted with visions of torture and destruction. The twists and turns will leave you at the edge of your seat. Will Steve have what it takes to save Savannah from these vicious people? Did he make the right decision going back to duty?

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