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Dorothy Lyle In Colour: The Miracles and Millions Saga, #2

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Colour picks up the story where Avarice left off. Dorothy Lyle is back for the second leg of this ten-book series. She feels she has adjusted well to her new life as an incredibly wealthy woman. She holidays in Rome like a celeb. Runs the marathon, and even bets a small fortune on the golf just to prove she is not too chicken to follow her instincts.

When she treats herself to a tarot card reading, she is shocked her hear the mystic’s predictions for her future. Who would possibly want to hurt a woman like her? A woman who lived a humdrum existence for decades, and never made any enemies. Unless you count her extremely dodgy ex-husband and pitiful former fiancé, and who counts those guys? She tries hard to ignore the warning, yet it continues to haunt her. What if there is some truth to it?

There is no doubt in Dorothy’s mind that unexpected wealth brings its own brand of trouble. In the meantime, however, there’s no harm in having a little fun. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

When the nasty texts and phone calls begin, Dorothy remembers the words of foreboding. Is it possible that betrayal and heartbreak are lurking around the next corner? Is she doomed to die before she can begin to fully enjoy her new life? Let’s hope not because this is only Book 2 - Colour!

Miracles & Millions -   A Story of Gratitude. Not standalone. Be prepared for humour, Irish Mammies, weird visions, prolific spending and some profanity – Irish style. 

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