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My Yoga of Expression: Free Verse Musings on Life, Nature, and the Search for Meaning

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In My Yoga of Expression, Karnamrita’s free verse poem book, he shares his struggles, successes, doubts, and faith in life, relationships, love, and in his spiritual practices. Opening the book is like an opening a mystic portal, where if one reads, they can journey into a spiritual practitioner’s heart where he deeply shares who he is as a person. This is his world of a Bhakta (one who practices Bhakti Yoga) consisting of wisdom and insights gleaned from 46 years of his endeavors for divine service interspersed with personal growth work, the struggle to find material and spiritual balance, and his search for his essential and empowered calling.
His current cancer diagnosis has given a needed push into his life’s direction of writing and speaking. Karnamrita is writing daily with new urgency that is reflected in this book, and in his speaking tours around the country and the world. Through meditations on Nature, interpersonal relationships, and the interplay of life and death, he presents an intriguing example of how one’s authentic human life can revolve around spiritual practice. He shows how learning to love unconditionally can be a part of our day-to-day activities. As Karnamrita writes, “Everything can teach us / if we are aware.”

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