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The Visionary and Futurist Artist - Freeing Your Creativity and Living It, No Matter What!: Freeing Your Creativity and Living it - No Matter What!; Weekly Meditations and Affirmations for Self-empowerment and Self-love with Voice Toning Instructions

225 pages3 hours


"The Visionary and Futurist Artist - Freeing your creativity and living it, no matter what!" Weekly meditations and affirmations for self-empowerment and self-love. For aspiring artists who feel the urge to express themselves creatively, but struggle with emotional and mental obstacles and challenges of the past and present. Also for professionals in all fields who are hungry for change in their careers and relationships, the author has tapped a source of spiritual inspiration combined with methods of revolutionizing one's thinking. WHAT THIS BOOK OFFERS: Self-empowerment, Boosting of confidence, Building of self-esteem. TOOLS: Daily meditations / Inspirational reading, Affirmations, Creative Visualization, Voice Toning Instructions. PROMISES: Personal growth, Transformation, A path to artistic success and happiness.

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