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Droogledots: The New Arrivals

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Droogledots are descended from ancient chameleons. They retained their ability to change color, grew wings and developed glowing yellow polka dots on their tummies.

The New Arrivals, the third book in a series featuring the Droogledots, shares a three-part story about a family and their special animals. It tells how Charlie the cat becomes a part of the family and self-appointed Droogledot protector, how the eggs are lost at Easter, and how Fredriko Marzini finds a home and work.

With colorful illustrations included, Droogledot stories weave fantasy with real-life experiences. Each book covers a different situation, carefully blended with fiction, featuring the Droogledots as they solve problems for humans and discover a richer more rewarding life for themselves.

Never before have fish and chameleons been able to communicate with humans.

Now everyone is waiting for the three green eggs with yellow polka dots to hatch.

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