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My Time

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Nearly every aspect of Jessica Durn’s life is not going well. Even after returning to her hometown, nothing much has improved. Her job is not living up to her expectations. Her efforts to curb her obsession with sex are failing. To add to her misery, Jessica is harboring a strange fear that she might be transforming into a man.

While Jessica eliminates her femininity through a variety of unusual habits, her old flame, Jake Carver, unexpectedly resurfaces. As Jessica realizes the years apart have not quelled their chemistry, she attempts to avoid Jake. But when her mother suddenly falls ill, Jessica is convinced to spend time at the Carver family cabin to regain perspective. After an uninvited Jake descends, they must now determine how to coexist without touching each other—a challenge that may be greater than they ever realized.

My Time is the story of a woman’s sexually adventurous journey as she tests her limits and discovers everything she believes to be true about herself, her family, and the men in

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