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The Founding of a Nation and the Lies Christians Believe

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When politicians speak about what the Founding Fathers intended it is often a distortion or a complete fabrication. I find this appalling. After all, it’s not as if the founding of this country predated recorded history. The purpose of this book isn’t to tear down religion or the principles upon which this nation was built, but rather to build up and liberate both of them from the misperceptions, distortions, and outright lies we have been told over the years. Jesus was quoted as saying that the truth will set a person free. This book will give you the opportunity to go beyond the opinions of pastors, politicians, and relatives gathered at Thanksgiving, and listen instead to the Founding Fathers themselves. After all, they have left us a considerable record expressing their thoughts, hopes, ideas, and intended purposes—found in numerous historical documents, personal letters, and speeches, if only we will avail ourselves of it.

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