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How a Good Geek Went Mad or How a Good Geek Survived the Zombie Apocalypse

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You're an uber-geek, you've landed your dream job, in LA working with fellow geeks AND you totally kick ass at the local arcades. Life is sweet, right? Yeah, there's just one small problem know, when you just get that awful feeling that a Zombie Apocalypse is about to kick off right under your nose!? So that's Evie Miller's life right now and while she's hoping that she might just be going crazy, it can't hurt to start preparing for the end of the world, can it? Think you know a lot about Zombies? Think you know how you'd survive? Self-confessed 'zombiephile' Evie has knowledge coming out of her ears....but is it going to save her when the whole world goes crazy and the undead are horribly real?

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