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The Senate minority leader, along with his lover, are found shot to death. Under pressure, a high school boy attempts to blackmail his sometime girlfriend, the president's older daughter, with a sexually explicit video, but he is killed before he can be questioned.

It falls to a detective with the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC to find the killer or killers and to extricate the president's daughter from the looming scandal, even as she struggles to control her desire for a key witness.

The minority leader's wife, who has long shared her husband's opinions on race and his opposition to the president in office, finds her own views changing. Ignoring her own safety to protect the daughter of a president whose policies she despises brings this jaded Washington operator a moment of stunning clarity.

This work contains explicit sex and violence and coarse language. It is intended for mature adults only. All characters in this work are eighteen years of age or older.

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