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Vindictive Souls

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Joyce Steplight sat on her bed feeling scared and confused. Here she was, only 13 years old, and she couldn’t understand why her stomach was growing big like it was. Maybe it had something to do with Reverend Carl Jenkins putting his thing between his legs inside of her not too long ago.
Back in May, Joyce was helping the preacher and his 14-year-old daughter, Tammy, in the church. Reverend Carl asked Joyce could she please come to his office and she did. When she was in his office he closed the door and gave her a little money then told her how pretty she was. Reverend Carl opened the door and let her go home.
Three days later, while Joyce was helping Reverend Carl, with his wife and three daughters already out of town, he began feeling on her and telling Joyce how pretty she was. Reverend Carl took her down to the nice thick carpet floor where he began slowly kissing her and telling her how he wanted to turn Joyce into a special woman.

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