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The American Catholic Bible In the Nineteenth Century: A Catalog of English Language Editions: Volume II

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Although nineteenth-century Bibles have been often overlooked by retail and trade markets, the twentieth century has seen an increase in the rate of discovery of antiquarian Bibles thanks to new means for dealers and owners of Bibles to market their editions. Now, literally thousands of these and older Bibles have been discovered, many of which have turned out to be uncataloged in any of the major sources, such as Hill’s The English Bible in America.

Adding detailed descriptions of one hundred of these new editions of the American Catholic Bible not cataloged in other Bible bibliographies, The American Catholic Bible in the Nineteenth Century—A Catalog of English Language Editions: Volume II is a continuation of the original first volume published in 2006. It is extensively illustrated with title page reproductions and includes photographs of ornate binding covers and interior engraved plates. Also included are a publisher index and examples of contemporary advertising materials.

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