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Dance With the Devil

286 pages3 hours


Tampa, Florida

FBI agent Judy was so tired that she could barely keep her eyes open. No matter how much coffee she drank or what she did she kept feeling herself drifting off to sleep. After she got her niece Tasha out of the hospital, Judy contacted Mayo Correctional Institution identifying herself as a Federal FBI agent and having them to have her brother Duke call her back.
After talking to Duke for a little while she then left the room to give her niece Tasha some privacy to talk with her dad alone. She then called the Tampa Police Department and spoke with Detective Harry V. Patrick of homicide who was over her dead niece Tamika's case. Detective Harry told Judy that he would give her a complete full copy record of what he already had. He told Judy that she could come in at 8:30 this morning so they that could talk.

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