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Surviving Anzio: Living In Nazi Italy 1943 and Beyond

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Merriam Press World War 2 Memoir Series. The autobiography of a young Italian woman as she experiences the hardship and horrors of war and the Nazi occupation of her country. Living with her family in Ardea, located near Anzio, she survives the Allied landings there and the battles that followed as the Allies finally pushed northward to Rome. Accounts by civilians of the war as it affected Italy and her people, are rare. Sonia eventually came to the U.S. after the war and has made a life for her and her family in her new country. Contents: (1) Cherchio, Abruzzo, Italy, 1899 (2) Guagnano, Province of Lecce on the Adriatic Sea, 1894 (3) Abruzzo, 1920 (4) Cognac, France, 1931 (5) Avezzano, Italy, 1939 (6) Rome, 1944 (7) Tre Cannelle, Italy Sezze Romano, 1948 (8) America, 1955 (9) Florida and Maryland, 2011. 45 photos.

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