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The Noo Advenshurs of Tom Thumb

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Tom Thumb is eighteen years old, three inches tall, and in trouble.
Tom Thumb is a classic fairy tale character. He features prominently in English folklore, and even appears in Arthurian legends. This modern reboot dumps medieval Britain in favor of a surrealistic dystopia known only as 'the City.' In the City, human life has no value. Abortions cost fifty cents, everyone is on drugs and escaped convicts lurk in abandoned bombed-out skyscrapers. The entire City, surrounded by it's great Wall, is under the iron thumb of Mayor Ronald Ransik, the most evil man that has ever lived. His official title is Mayor, but he is in fact a ruthless dictator with complete and total control over the lives of everyone in the City. When Tom's mother flushes him into the sewers, Tom Thumb is left to fend for himself in this hostile urban landscape. With a lot of luck, and the help of some strange companions, Tom manages to build a small drug empire. What will happen when his efforts bring him into the Mayor's cross hairs? And what's the deal with Mr. God? This bizarro splatterpunk fairy tale introduces a new mythology for our day. These are the Noo Advenshurs of Tom Thumb.

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