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Matched in Hell: Book One of the Matched in Hell series

36 pages30 minutes


Lara is looking for love, because her current situation is leaving her feeling a little cold. AJ, her lover, doesn’t want permanence. He wants sex, on his terms, when he wants it, with no strings. AJ is a superior lover, attentive and inventive, but he calls when he wants to get laid and won’t entertain anything remotely related to commitment. It worked for Lara, at first. Now, a year later, she wants more and she knows she won’t get it from AJ.

Leery of blind dates and set ups from friends, she turns to a dating app for help. Sorting through a lot of duds, like guys looking for hook-ups, she spots one that sounds pretty good, on paper.

Reality turns out to be less kind. He’s a superficial dud, trying to impress her with fancy cars and mysterious behaviour. Before long Lara worries that her life is in danger. She should call AJ, because he’s a cop, but she’s on a date with another man. AJ will help, of course, but will this spell the end of her limited relationship with him?

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