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Discreet: Book Two: Growing Pains

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"DISCREET - Book Two: Growing Pains" a historical gay romance set in the Old West near the end of the Cowboy Era.
Book One started when Josh, a history major at NYU, and Art, a computer consultant, met and began dating.

Josh’s great-great-grandfather Leo kept a log of his romance and adventures with a handsome cowboy named Sean in the early 1900’s. Josh shares this story with Art – of how Leo and Sean built a life together as Sean taught Leo the cowboy arts and how to love.

Book Two continues with Josh telling Art about Leo’s life after Sean’s passing, when he struggles to find love and meaning in life, continuing to pursue the goals he made during his years with Sean.
The book, while fiction, is historically correct in every way possible, based on actual stories of real people – some of the first pioneers and settlers in the intermountain West.

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