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7.5 Secrets To A Successful Blog

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You write your blog, upload it with hope, and nothing, a few dozen people view it! What a waste of your time and creativity. How did you fail? This book will reveal new, proven ways you can get more readers, not just for your blogs, but for your e-mails, brochures, advertisements, and other marketing materials as well. 

The gatekeeper in any blog’s success is the TITLE. Fail with that and nothing else matters. It is the same with any print advertising and direct mail marketing. The Niagara torrent of information unleashed by the Internet has changed the way we interact with information. People scan today, giving you 1.5 seconds (more on that later), to grab their attention before they are gone. Your title must immediately seduce them and make them want more. 

That is true not only with titles, but content as well. You must adjust your style, words, and layout to the New Normal of reading to keep people after they open your blog or e-mail. In this book you’ll learn some surefire style and content methods to hold your readers. People have changed. And, so must writers. Here is how to do it. 

How This Book Will Help You 

You will learn: 
 63 powerful ways to craft a title people will want to open, read, like, and share. 
 19 surprising mistakes in titles and pictures you must avoid. 
 Golden words in your title that boost readership. 
 How to design your blog’s layout to satisfy readers’ New Normal expectations. 
 Proven lessons from advertising and direct mail research to grab readers and 
keep them. 

What’s Inside 
 Analysis of 22 common words, phrases and symbols, rated from 1 to 5 Stars. 
 Analysis of types of promises made by your title. 
 Analysis of the power of odd vs. even numbers and the length of your title. 
 Analysis of ‘hot words’ used alone and in groups that bring in readers. 
 How to put these lessons into practice. 
 Detailed findings in table form for deeper study and insights. 
 Videos by Dr. Witt and Mr. Safko to help you understand these ideas in more detail. 
 Visual presentation to clarify ideas and let you help others learn 

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