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Lydia.. Is a Science Fiction Marvel.. And a Political Revelation. It is the Story of a Stellar Being who comes to Earth from the Stars in
the year 1981, when we are just beginning to venture out into the Cosmos. Her Assignment is to investigate and evaluate Human Consciousness. As she travels across the States, she has extraordinary encounters with a Hopi Shaman.. A Cherokee Medicine Woman..
A genuine Wizard.. Other Time Travelers.. Circes.. An Anasazi Ancestor.. And a death defying Tryst with a Reptilian Monster. When Lydia returns to the Planet Athos, the High Council will convene and deliberate upon the Fate of Humankind. Lydia synergizes within
Human Form and her adventures are Breathtaking, Poignant and Enlightening. See through the Eyes of a Star Being how we can live in Harmony and Cooperation with our Mother Earth. This is an Amazing Book that Awakens Memories of Other Lives, perhaps not only on this Planet!

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