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Build Your Home Build Your Dream

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The aim of this book is to help and assess anyone who need to start build his house by providing him the required information to be capable to understand the steps and the risk for his project. In addition to that the book summaries all the main items that is included in most of the houses with a clear specification that can help the owner, the engineer or any supervisor to search about the obtained the required specification easily with reference from international standard.
This book is prepared to whom know nothing about engineering methodology or thinking just a man need to build his dream for own a house, so how can he start what is the right way this book answers these inquiries.
This book is dynamic so every version will be send to you free of charge and feel free to send my any inquiry and I collect all and answer by a live webinars. I need by this book to answer any question on your mind and provide you the right way to achieve your expectation from your house

This book is not a book on the shelf or in your computer for one read only but it is a dynamic book as it will be a free webinars about the topics of this book regular every month. In addition to that this book will be updated every year so you will receive free updated for this book.

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