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Martis ... a planet in a remote sector of space, the intended destination of a colony ship, Explorer 5744. But soon after their arrival, the settlers discover that it was a computer database malfunction that led them to Martis, and they have lost all contact with home. Their leaders also learn more about the secrets on Martis than they are willing to share with their people. Now, several generations later, their peaceful existence is suddenly broken by an invasion ... a race called the Plaxzones, determined to find Martis' secrets and use them for their own gains.

Exploration & Research Ship, ERS Cassiopeia receives an unexpected message to return to base, and once there, her crew is briefed on the fate of the lost colony ship. 'Cassie' and her crew are tasked to get past the invading armada, deliver a mysterious passenger to a place called ‘The Hall of Power’, avoid detection, and learn all they can about the Plaxzone invaders.

Cassie's exceptional Artificial Intelligence also has a secret, making their ship the only option for this mission, for she can 'jump' space in a unique maneuver that may be the only way to save Martis.
Martis is a quick paced, fast turning novel that stands on its own. Pick this up and start turning the pages, and before long, you just might want to see what other adventures ‘Cassie’ is up to.

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