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Holy Baloney

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Does religion have you in a quandary? Afraid of Hell? skeptical of Heaven? Then Holy Baloney is for you. Jump right into this Ludicrous idea we call religion and find out some of the whys and why nots of this money machine that promises salvation and delivers nothing.
Learn how to feel good about yourself if you don't believe all the lies.
Watch as we go from anyone can speak to god in Genesis and he/she (GOD) will speak back to you; to 'Exodus' where only the priest/ministers have the direct line. Plenty of laughs at 'organized religion's' expense. Check out fairy tale after fairy tale as we cruse through chapter after chapter. Laugh as the rough tough disciples of Jesus run like a bunch of frightened sheep; or do they?
Chapter after chapter is opened up chapter after chapter. Read Holy Baloney to find out the truth.

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