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The Book of Nice Monsters: Or a Few Scurrilous Drawings

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I don't quite know what to say about this project. It is loaded with original, creative illustrations from childhood. Inspired at first by the drawings engendered by Dr. Seuss, really Theodor Geisel and his wife who assisted him. Then over the years I added on scads of different Native American influences, such as Pacific Coast Northwest Indian art, Southwestern Indian art, East Coast or Algonquin Nation Indian art. And rounded things out by adding in influence from famous classical painters, such as Picasso, Miro, Degas, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, etc. Also I added in illustrative work from Sidney Edward Paget, the illustrator of Sherlock Holmes, works from Detective Comics and artists such as Neal Adams and Jim Aparo, some of Georgia O'Keefe, and Spanish influences such as Mad Magazine's Sergio Aragonés and others. Sadly, I lost the greater part of my work when I was in my 20s. To avoid being sexually assaulted, I had to leave my best drawings lying out as a trap, so that the boy involved would not molest me as I slept. So those of my very best works are gone. Still, what is left has my childhood imagination intact, and I believe they show more imagination in some ways than even my better, later black and white, blue and color illustrations, drawings and colorings. This work was assisted with computer programs also to fit onto the printed page, mostly Google Picasa and Microsoft's Photo Gallery. Minimal effort has been made to disturb the original tone and creation of the drawings, which I cut out of my books and pasted into one book. Then I scanned them in as computer images. The drawings, once my book is fully completed (it is still in rough draft stage, and doesn't contain all the drawings I have for it yet) will probably be added to over the years by entirely new drawings, which I will continue to create, hopefully. Or this will be the very last of my possibly genius-level, or not so much, funny and silly monster artworks.

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