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Lilly: The Crazy Little Van

34 pages11 minutes


Lilly the Library Van is bright red with long eyelashes and a cheeky smile. She zooms around schools to let the children read her books. She has books on sport, geography, history, science... almost anything you can imagine, Lilly has a book on it. Lilly knew she had a lot of information to share and often could not remember where to find it, with some on the floor, others still in the return chute and the rest on the wrong shelves. Lilly has to remember information when it is needed - and fast! If the knowledge is not stored in the right place every time, how will Lilly find it?

This book will help children understand the concept of structured thinking and organising knowledge and information. This story is told as a metaphor to read aloud to children and enjoy together. The vibrant illustrations and use of language draws children in to be part of the adventure, gently guiding them alongside the characters to get the message on a more personal level for them, to make their own meanings and take control of their own life situation - in their own way.

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