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Her Brain Is Out To Screw You! The Men's Guide To Sex or Not Sex

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From the man who told you "Your Brain Is Out To Screw You!" comes the one-of-a-kind follow up that will tell you the real meaning of the word SEX. Discover why women are not the source of any man’s troubles. Learn what really is, and what to finally do about it.
A woman asks "Would you like to come in?" He thinks "We're gonna have sex!" Her Brain Is Out To Screw You! is the myth that has prevented men from truly understanding women and the true meaning of the word SEX. This myth was not started by a woman...No, no! It was created by the male brain. Being the first book ever to be endorsed by Mother Nature, women will be delighted and men enlightened by this humorous education. Using such settings as the bathroom and props like wicker, mirrors and sea sponges, Steve Pronger leads a revolution. If this book takes off, so may the chastity belts of many women! Because of this book men will be able to understand women like never before. Women will understand why it hasn't happened yet.
Steve Pronger is the world’s foremost authority on ‘Not Sex’. He is also the everyday forgotten man's champion of the brain.

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