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The Vampire Billionaire - Charlotte Meets Her Maker: The Vampire Billionaire, #1

69 pages1 hour


Paranormal Vampire Romance

Charlotte came to Livingston, Oregon to escape her ex-boyfriend and his newly erratic and violent ways. What she wanted was a little peace and quiet, but what she got was a town surrounded by a forest haunted pixies and their king, a wolf that might possibly be killing young women in town, and Derrick Chesterfield, a billionaire vampire.

Charlotte feels an immediate attraction to Derrick and the town, and Derrick knows why, but he isn't talking. As Charlotte settles into her new job as a photographer for the local paper and makes a new friend in Molly who works at the town's diner, Charlotte is drawn  deeper into the mysteries of the town and towards Derrick himself.

Will this change of job and town be the peace and calm she was hoping for, or has she fallen into a nightmare of pixies, vampires, and a two hundred year old murder with her as the victim.

If you're fan of romance, suspense, and a little danger, then you've come to the right place. Enjoy the first of this three book series, and find out just how dangerous love can be.

No cliffhangers here!

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