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Castaways in time

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Castaways in Time is about three English orphans, Thomas, Tip and Fred who are shipwrecked on the mysterious Island of Time. It’s one adventure after another as the magical inhabitants of the Island of Time appear, cast in different roles according to the youngsters’ needs. They meet different fairies who help them come to terms with past traumas, Princess Marvellous, a young man’s dream come true, and icy Queen Fantasia who has big problems of her own. Time starts to behave in unpredictable ways when the four Magi of the Elements come onto the scene. Years fly by and the three are already young adults when they are finally allowed to return to their own time/space dimension. One magical character travels back to Earth with the trio, and everything seems to be back to normal again. At least until the Queen’s Hourglass unexpectedly turns up.

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