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A Sleeping Giant

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Ten years have passed since the end of the Human-Denkar War which first brought Sam and Michelle together. Sam is now an ambassador to the S'lorian Empire, an ancient species who came to the aid of the United Earth Federation in its greatest moment of need. Michelle has been promoted to the rank of rear admiral and is now in command of her own taskforce of warships patrolling the S'lorian border. All seems quiet in the galaxy, but a looming challenge to the peace is rising.

Old forces awakened by recent conflicts are stirring from their lumber, seeking to reclaim what was once theirs. Sam's diplomatic skills will be challenged as he seeks to unite friends and enemies alike in an effort to stem the rising tide of conflict as Michelle battles on the front lines to defend humanity from alien threats. Their efforts will help to reshape the known galaxy for better or worse. Only time will tell if their efforts will succeed.

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