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When a yeti named Mawei hears a car crash on a mountain road in Northern California, she decides to investigate. The wheels are still spinning on the half-crushed, upside down car at the bottom of the gorge. A man and woman have been killed in the wreck, but there is a child, alive and unharmed, hanging from a car seat in the back. Her name is Helena, she is six years old.

With a snowstorm on the way, Mawei knows that the little girl won’t survive on her own. Mawei is breaking an ancient rule of yeti culture that forbids contact with humans, but she takes the child.

Getting Helena back to the world of the humans turns out to be a lot harder than Mawei thought it would be, and when the wrong yetis find out what she's up to, the race is on to get the little human to safety before they can catch and kill her...

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