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Truths Unspoken

Length: 262 pages4 hours


Four years and three tragic events have passed since Aria, Raton, and Blaze first announced their joining plans.

The inhabitants of Jasta have accepted both men into their lives, and most of the animosity toward them has been resolved.

Aynear’s mother is fed up with him, and on their joining sun, asks Raton to take him off her hands. What none of them know is that Aynear has been endowed with his father Jace’s memories. The older he gets, the more he longs to share his skills with Aria.

It seems that in the joining of their love, peace has fallen over their lives.

But six years later, when Raton can’t shake the dreams that Danes still live as undersiders on Greante, he convinces Aria to check for him.

It is this curiosity combined with Aynear’s desires that leads Aria to the beginning of the end of her life as she knows it.

Aria has always known she was taken from Jasta the sun of her birth because she was in danger. She has always been unusual, but the truth of her birthright may end up destroying not only her men, but the entire planet of Jasta.

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