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Gateway To Death

Length: 95 pages1 hour


The world we live in is riddled with drugs. Take this journey with one mother who found out by text message that her daughter was using heroin. Go through the process that most parents go through while their child fights addiction. Behavioral cues that parents can be aware of and help them stop before it starts. This book will give you insight into the drugs that are reaching everyone today. Throughout you will find tips and tricks to monitor and the last section is about a my journey. A lot don’t agree with my thoughts and ideas I am not a “Oh my poor Baby” type of mom as someone who has worked in the medical field for over 25 years some would call it a desensitization I call it tough love. At the end of this book you may love me or you may hate me however if at the end one parent can intervene and help their child then it’s all worth it.

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