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[Spiritual] Food for Thought: Collection 1

Length: 39 pages30 minutes


Articles and insights to chew on; and this from a Kingdom perspective! This book is a collection of 12 teachings which originally accompanied an online video series entitled “[Spiritual] Food for Thought”. This written text is intended to be a devotional guide of sorts. Readers are encouraged to chew on, Bible study, research, pray about and discuss all content laid out herein. Please do not settle for the author’s word on a matter but earnestly seek the LORD to discern what His final Word would be. Most of this content resulted from daily reflection on everyday parts of life. Time was taken to step back and listen for anything God might be trying to communicate through the smallest things in life as well as the tallest. All who call upon the LORD and desire a close relationship with Him are encouraged to do the the greatest extent possible. And be sure to have fun in the process!

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