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Killing the Wrong People

Length: 27 pages29 minutes


Burt Nelson was asked by his wife Mary to run down to the foreign store and buy a large half and half. When Burt came to this store, he saw someone scavenging the large garbage container at the store. Recognizing the man, Burt went up to have a chat with him. Can you make a descent living selling what you ind here? Burt asked. This man looked at Burt for a while, then he asked where Burt lived. I live at the complex on Lauder Street. I answered. Oh yeah, I know both you and your wife. Have seen you many times at the complex. Suddenly I got the feeling that this guy was hiding something, so when he jumped on his bike to go home, I followed him with my car. Arriving at a mobile home park, I parked the car outside and on foot followed this guy Ron inside. Coming around one trailer, I saw him opened a door, and as soon as the door was open I heard a woman screaming from inside. Calling the nine-eleven number I explained that a woman missing from my apartment complex was kept prisoner in this mobile home park. It took only ten minutes and the police arrived, arrested Ron Smith and saved Mrs. Claude Crown. When I left, two men in a close by trailer, John and Phil Vargas stared at me. As soon as I left, the two phoned up their friend Rogan Welsh, and told him that because of me, Ron Smith is now arrested for kidnapping. With the help of Rogan's men, James, Bill, Pet and Lex, we are going to avenge, and take care of this Burt Nelson. First they tried with a written note, as this didn't work very well Rogan's four soldiers decided to make a statement. They made a bomb, and placed it inside Burt Nelson's door. When the door was either opened or closed it would explode. One of the maintenance people at the complex went to put a note on Burt Nelson's door, and was blown to pieces. Detective Smart and his homicide crew didn't take too long to put the four soldiers and Rogan himself as the perpetrators in this bombing and killing the wrong people.

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